Meet the Models, SoCal: Jo Lynn Stueve & Carrie Purunjian

By Caroline O'Donnell | January 24, 2023

Jo Lynn Stueve was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in 2010. She was shocked: “I didn’t believe it. I was in total denial.” She had no family history and had emphasized being healthy and active her entire life.

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Meet the Models, SoCal: Tiffany Arias

By Caroline O'Donnell | January 23, 2023

Tiffany Arias spent each afternoon after school at her grandmother’s house: “she was always feeding anyone who came through the door.

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Meet the Models, SoCal: Shirley Yu

By Caroline O'Donnell | January 19, 2023

Shirley Yu’s breast cancer came as a massive surprise. She was adamant about receiving mammograms every two years and had previously been in the clear. She herself had witnessed her “niece” (though not technically related) Rachael Hsin pass away from the disease. Regular screenings gave her piece of mind, especially because she had already overcome uterine cancer.

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Meet the Models, SoCal: Jean Mackie

By Caroline O'Donnell | January 16, 2023

Jean Mackie has often felt powerless in the face of breast cancer. She has witnessed the disease take root in many friends and five years ago she never would have imagined it would take the life of her friend Racheal (for whom Runway SoCal began). When speaking about Rachael, Jean lights up saying, “Rachael was just plain fun. The world was robbed. She was kicking it and then suddenly, her life was done.”

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Meet the Models, SoCal: Rhonda Ganucheau

By Caroline O'Donnell | January 11, 2023

A simple scratch of an itch on Rhonda Ganuchea’s chest saved her life. In that quick moment she felt a bump that would turn out to be stage 2 invasive breast cancer.

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