Meet the Models, New England: Amy Kemeza

By Caroline O'Donnell | September 21, 2023

Just shy of turning 40, Amy Kemeza was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had felt a lump that continued to grow and a mammogram confirmed two large tumors in her lymph nodes. She went on to receive 20 weeks of chemotherapy and one round of immunotherapy. The treatment proved grueling and the side effects deeply challenging.

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Meet the Models, Christina Clements

By Caroline O'Donnell | September 18, 2023

“just because I am doing lots of things, doesn’t mean I am not dealing with things internally. One day I am going to die from this disease- I will never be cured, so I need to be making the most out of everyday. if I remain positive, that has a lot to say about my survival. I am going to keep on keeping on.”

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Meet the Models, New England: Dish Woodard

By Caroline O'Donnell | September 15, 2023
Headshot of Dish Woodard.

After Dish Woodard received phone calls, from her mother and two sisters, that they had been diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided to take action. “It was horrible and selfishly, my thoughts were, oh my gosh, I’m next.”

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Meet the Models, New England: Justine Egan-Kunicki

By Caroline O'Donnell | August 30, 2023

The experience of cancer, she notes, makes one confront their own mortality, but in the same token “you also learn how strong you are. Despite the struggle, I have learned I am a strong person who can persist and continue to enjoy life.” Indeed, though she get the phrase of ‘new normal,’ Justine prefers to say she’s reframed her life now: “You find a way to make a new life.”

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Welcome, Kathryn Phillips!

By Valerie Campbell | August 29, 2023
Kathryn Phillips and Olivia Boger posing together at an event in 2022.

We are thrilled to announce Kathryn Phillips as our new Assistant Director of Programs.

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