Meet the Models: Kim Molleur & Robyn Stewart

By Dewey MacMillen | October 14, 2021

Kim Molleur is someone everybody turns to when in need. She’s the type who is truly there for her people and radiates a special energy – in addition to feeling the energy of other’s through her work as a Reiki instructor and a Nurse.

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Meet the Models: Jodi Gauron

By Caroline O'Donnell | October 14, 2021

It’s a story heard often in the Runway community: an accidental moment of noticing a lump that turns out to be cancerous. In July of 2019, Jodi Garoun experienced just that, and at the age of 42, she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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Meet the Models: Shauna Epstein

By Olivia Achtmeyer Boger | October 11, 2021

The Will to Be A Mother “Dancing in Honor of Carly Caswell (2011)”When one thinks about a sister, for the most part, one imagines the life that they will share with their sibling as they grow-up and grow old together. Shauna and Carly were just those sisters. Carly was three years older than Shauna, and they did everything together. Carly was the big sister others hoped to have in life, and she embraced her job for as long as Shauna can remember. As children, Carly often took on the role of caregiver to Shauna because of her immediate and innate…

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Meet the Models: Judy Goodwin

By Dewey MacMillen | October 8, 2021

If there’s one thing we can say about Judy Goodwin it’s that she shows up for others – without fanfare or expectation of reciprocity.

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Meet the Models: Brienne Black

By Dewey MacMillen | October 4, 2021

Like many of us, Brienne Black had a milestone birthday in Quarantine. She turned 40 this past January and decided to drive down to Florida two weeks later with her husband, Michael, and their children Alanna and William. It did take a bit of convincing to get Brienne and her family packed up in a car for the 24 hour road trip down there. However, the promise of family time in the warm weather and a very cute Golden Retriever named Charlie really tipped the scales.

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