Family Grants

We come in when the "new normal" sets in. The Runway for Recovery Family Grants Program aims to help reduce the financial and logistical burdens of a cancer diagnosis and bolster families with psychological, social, and financial support. Our goal is to provide a continuum of support and help redefine a family's experience with a breast cancer diagnosis or loss. We are committed to being flexible with families in order to address their specific needs.

"She wanted Athena to be happy, to have a good life, and to do well in school."

Athena Shearrion-Perkins

Family Grant Recipient

"Yes, I can tough it out and do it by myself, but I shouldn't have to. And I don't need to."

Long Tran

Family Grant Recipient

"I am fairly certain that we as human beings are not meant to go through things alone."

Angelo Firenze

Family Grant Recipient

"I hate to use the phrase move on because we never will, but Runway helps us march forward and put all of the funding to its best possible use. "

Ben Wisnewski

Family Grant Recipient

Tell Us Your Story.

Our social workers will create a personalized plan to show you where to begin.

"When people are coping with grief they need more than just finances, they need support, and Runway is able to do that."

Mary Lou Seitz

Social Worker

"Each person is different and everyone grieves differently so what they need and the kind of support they are looking for varies considerably. "

-Maggie Corcoran Seitz

Leaving a Legacy of Love.

Sometimes as a women's journey fighting breast cancer nears the end she will have thoughts of leaving a legacy of love for her children. We are committed to helping these women share their words of love by creating videos that their children can watch when they are gone. We are currently only able to provide this complimentary video to those who live in Massachusetts.   Learn More

These videos are important and cathartic in the moment for the mothers, but for the children they are treasured for a      life time. 

"The unknown, for me, was the scary part...the only thing I could think about was my kids."

Jennie Vargas


We need your help

The Runway community has been fortunate enough to meet over 850 men, women, and children who have been affected by breast cancer. All the funds, over $3.1M since our founding, goes to wrap-around services for families facing the unimaginable during and after a breast cancer diagnosis.

We want nothing more than to continue changing the lives of those affected by this disease in big ways and small. This is where you come in! Any donation truly helps and we are extremely grateful.

You may donate online by clicking the button below or sending a check to:
Runway for Recovery
29 Water Street, Suite 216
Newburyport, MA 01950