Meet the Models, New England: Catherine Hodges

By Caroline O'Donnell | August 28, 2023

“know every inch of your breast so you can increase your chance of finding something and, of course, get your mammograms.”

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Meet the Models, New England: Bethy Atkins

By Caroline O'Donnell | August 22, 2023

In August of 2020, Bethy Atkins began experiencing breast pain that did not subside after multiple menstrual cycles. She messaged her PCP immediately and unbeknownst to her, her doctor was a breast cancer survivor. She immediately brought Bethy in for an exam, where a clear lump was found: “it all happened really quickly.”

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Meet the Models, New England: Abby Pastyrnak

By Caroline O'Donnell | August 17, 2023

“You can be the kind of the person who pulls the covers over their head and feel sorry for themselves, or be the kind of person who goes out and lives their life. You get to choose.”

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Meet the Models, New England: Heather Pardo

By Caroline O'Donnell | August 14, 2023

Heather Pardo resides in the southern most tip of Texas. It’s a community she is grateful everyday to be raising her three boys in: “McAllen, TX is a real family oriented, traditional Hispanic community. Love, food and taking care of each other is part of the every day, and when something happens, like breast cancer, it’s even more so.”

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Meet the Models, New England: Ruthanne Larsen Brown

By Caroline O'Donnell | August 10, 2023

Seven years prior to her breast cancer diagnosis, Ruthanne Larson Brown felt achy/sore around her breast area. She followed up with a doctor, who gave her the all clear and told her she would be a lot more sick if she had cancer. It was a statement that not only gave her relief, but stuck with her. It’s why, seven years later, she ignored the same aches and sore feeling, instead opting to address it at her mammogram. The testing would reveal stage 2 breast cancer with indications it had spread to the lymph nodes.

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