Meet the Models, New England: Sarah Martarano

By Caroline O'Donnell | October 16, 2023

Sarah Martarano was 43 when she decided to do some self care and schedule all of her routine doctors appointments. During her appointment with her PCP, a lump was found and she was immediately referred to a breast center. That same day, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and months of grueling treatment ensued.

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Meet the Models, New England: Jennifer Leventhal

By Caroline O'Donnell | October 11, 2023

When her sister Meredith Parkinson was diagnosed with breast cancer, “we were leveled” and completely shocked. Avid about her own mammograms, Jennifer received a clear mammogram in November 2021. In January however, she felt a lump and immediately called the doctor: “if Meredith had not been diagnosed, I don’t think I would have been as proactive. Otherwise, I would have just gone off my previous healthy mammogram and waited until the next year.” Even just the fact that she did a self exam is an ode to Meredith, as she had never been doing them previously.

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Meet the Models, New England: Kathleen Friel

By Caroline O'Donnell | October 10, 2023

“Five years later and I am still here and living. This diagnosis is not just a go home and die situation.”

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Meet the Models, New England: Madeleine Halle

By Caroline O'Donnell | October 9, 2023

At just 26 years old, Madeline was catapulted into the breast cancer world with ““the total unknown of what breast cancer looks like or how it would impact my life.”

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Meet the Models, New England: Alison Sherman

By Caroline O'Donnell | October 5, 2023

Alison Sherman comes from a family impacted by breast cancer. In fact, of all her family members diagnosed with the disease, there is no other survivor.

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