Why Fitness is KEY to Recovery, and 5 Workout Studios We Love

While for decades studies have demonstrated a general link between exercise and mental health, a 2019 study established for the first time a statistically significant causal link between physical activity and depression prevention. Researchers found that physical activity lowered the risk for depression, and that the amount of exercise required to prevent depression was relatively low — 15 minutes a day of strenuous exercise like running, or an hour of general activities like walking, housework, or gardening.

For those who have recently experienced the loss of a family member or friend, working out might be the last thing on their mind. However, getting their body in motion can have benefits beyond staving off depression — whether it provides a set period of distraction or release, or a social outlet to interact with other people, physical activities can be a crucial key to promoting recovery.

At Runway, we’ve been lucky enough to partner with some of New England’s top fitness studios to not only get out and move, but provide a platform for our local communities to sweat together for a cause through our Rally for Runway program. If you’re looking for a way to move this year, check out one of these studios in your area:

Barre3 Bedford
Barre3 provides functional training with a twist. Rooted in three fitness disciplines— ballet barre, pilates and yoga —barre3 workouts will have you feeling strong and balanced inside and out. They’re known for building lean muscles, a strong core, and long-term postural benefits. Their classes are adjustable for all levels (whether you’re an expert or like to spend more time in child’s pose…) and we can personally speak to the booty-boosting benefits….

Orangetheory Concord
If someone you know hasn’t already talked to you about Orangetheory, here’s your official intro to the class with a cult following. Orangetheory is a science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workout that blends treadmill, HIIT, and weights in a fast-paced, ever-changing format. They give you a heart rate monitor that you can associate with a live scoreboard and an app so that you can track your progress throughout the workout and overtime (the stats become super addictive!) but it’s not competitive and allows you go to go at the pace or level that’s most appropriate for you. It’s hard, but the time flies by, and there’s nothing else quite like it!

Fuel Traning Studio – Newburyport
Fuel was founded on the belief that clients of all levels can achieve their fitness goals in a fun, motivating and encouraging environment that utilizes safe, state of the art exercise practices. Their class schedule is varied — from cycling to boxing to strength training, and they’ve also got individual or group training options — there’s truly something for everyone. Their incredible staff will work with you individually to identify a program or class that fits your schedule, style, and motivation.

The Cure Studio – Portland
The Cure Studios is a zen fitness studio offering classes like buti yoga and dance fitness. They’re on a mission to break the mold on traditional yoga and fitness studios or gyms by actively working to diversity their representation, safety and accessibility for all. We love the ethos of the gym, and their classes are so. much. fun.

SweatFixx – Wakefield
SweatFixx specializes in low impact, high-intensity full body rowing and sculpting workout born out of the vision to create a community that empowers everyone to step outside their comfort zone and leave each workout feeling like a BOSS.. Regardless of your fitness level, gender or age, we can promise you will leave feeling EVERY muscle in your body after their 45 minute classes!

Ultimately, we have found that our Rally events give our community a chance to come together and sweat it out together — they are also places that a lot of people NEED to go back to in order to create that sense of routine and normalcy. We are so grateful for these small communities to be a now linked to Runway, and we would love to bring an event to a studio near you. Reach out to our coordinator, Jessie Reardon, if you have a studio in mind.