2021 Goals for Runway

Let’s Walk Together.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the goals for Runway were very straightforward: stay safe, keep people informed, increase the support for those we fund, and maintain a community for those coping with breast cancer. We recognized that breast cancer wasn’t going to take a pause just because the world faced COVID-19. Now, as we enter a new calendar year, we wanted to layout our goals for 2021.

Runway’s Goals for 2021:

  1. Remain connected.
  2. Build upon our amazing community.
  3. Find ways to celebrate and find joy.
  4. Support those in pain.
  5. Plan for “normal” events and prepare for “hybrid” ones

With any goal setting exercise, it is important to strategize the ways one can be successful, and so for that reason, we will pull back the curtain and let you know exactly how we plan to accomplish our 2021 aspirations.

  1. We have started the year with Runway@Home, a series of community events that allow people to see one another on screen, remain safe, and do activities that build on wellness. It was important that these events were accessible to anyone, they were inclusive, and they touched upon a variety of things to achieve mental and physical wellness. We hope you will register for one, two, or all of our remaining events. Next up: Wine Tasting on February 10 at 6:30pm!
  2. During our virtual events, our hope is that our Runway constituents invite friends and family to one of our events. We are always looking for new models, new families to fund, and new donors who are interested in supporting our mission. Even if someone who is currently going through breast cancer treatment has no plans to ever walk our Runway, we are building a one-on-one Role Model mentoring program that she could be introduced to.
  3. On our social media platforms, we are constantly looking for ways to celebrate the stories that are within our community. Moreover, we cannot wait to seek nominations for new models, meet them, and share with all of you what connects them to breast cancer. Be on the lookout for our call for new models in mid-February, and in the meantime, feel free to take some time to re-read some inspirational stories about our models on our blog, watch our Runway Virtual Event, or simply become a monthly donor and get access to our playlists from the last decade of Runway shows.
  4. We are focused on finding new families to fund–right now and throughout the 2021 year. Please help Runway by telling those in your networks about our Family Grants Program. Runway employs social workers who work directly with our families to identify the areas of their lives that could use financial relief. We need your help to connect with those who need our funding the most.
  5. For those of you who have been to one of our events during the last 14 years, you know that it takes us a full year to plan a Runway Show. You will be happy to know that plans are already in place to have some version of our Runway Show — whether it is a hybrid, another virtual one, or a smaller in-person event in October 2021. Regardless, what we learned in 2020, is that we can inspire joy, raise incredible funding for families, and do a whole lot of dancing regardless of where we are. Save-the-dates and more details will come soon.

As always, this organization depends on the support of individuals, families, and sponsors like you. While our Runway Show was a huge success, we have a lot more work to do before the end of our fiscal year in June. Please consider making a donation that will allow us to continue to set goals, make plans, and spark hope for those impacted by breast cancer. Thank you, and let’s get dancing 2021!