Meet the Models: Jenny Clayton

Jenny Clayton, Walking in memory of her mother, Jean Lubrano (1998) 


My mom died almost 18 years ago, when I was 38 and my daughter was 7.  

I remember thinking that Ellie, who’s walking with me, is never going to know her amazing grandmother the way she should have.

Ellie was missing something so special, getting to know her grandmother is something I couldn’t replace.

My 3 sisters and I have tried to fill those gaps for all of the kids.  Of course we haven’t been able to fill my mothers shoes but by being a tight and united group and uttering her favorite phrases, I think we have shown them all incredible strength.

Who knows if we would have been as close as we are, if my mother had lived.  I would like to think so.  It’s events like Runway for Recovery and our own “Boobs and Baubles” (yearly mammograms and jewelry shopping) that have kept us close.

Finding our mother in each one of us and sharing that with each other keeps us close and the laughter flowing.  

So far we have been lucky.  I know I have the best support group if ever needed.  It extends beyond my blood family but now to the Runway family, as well.

I’m walking in memory of my Mother, Jean Lubrano and celebrating every day with Beth, Stacy, Kathryn, Ellie, Meaghan and Grace.