Family Grants re-Imagined

Thirteen years ago, Runway for Recovery was founded because a mom died of breast cancer and a daughter was determined to find a way to support families who experienced a similar loss. We have officially opened our first pilot Family Grant Cycle so as to directly fund families who have had a caregiver die of breast cancer. You can help us make this grant process more powerful and more meaningful. 

After years of telling the stories of models on the Runway, we have learned one very clear message: hope and joy are possible in the midst of breast cancer.

And until there is a cure, there are tangible ways to radically improve the lives of families affected by breast cancer.

This is where you come in. Becoming a donor via a monthly or annual gift helps us develop programs, fund services, and provide much-needed warp-around support for families. We can create a community that amplifies the power of shared experience to heal and empower.

Your support not only makes our work possible, but serves as a direct reminder to our community—those who are alive and those who are the living legacy of someone who has passed away—that they are celebrated and loved.

Make a donation today to provide the “Runway” we need to change the way we experience breast cancer. Thank you.


  1. $21/month = Neighbor: Neighbors provide the operational funding necessary for Runway to deliver on our mission and provide holistic support to people affected by breast cancer in your community. You will get monthly updates about the work that we doing on the ground level to support our models and our families. 

  2. $42/month = Friend: Friends provide the cornerstone resources someone going through breast cancer today needs to thrive. You ensure access to health & wellness care and psychosocial support. You’ll get monthly updates about our programs related to our “Runway models” and those currently undergoing treatment.

  3. $84/month = Family: Family donors give grantee families the wraparound support they need after losing a caregiver to breast cancer. Uncovered medical and related daily expenses, as well as therapeutic and resilience-building services are covered through this level of donation. You will have monthly updates about the direct services that we are funding for the families.


We’ve identified three specific cornerstone Runway programs that make the biggest impact for our community.

Your support allows us to ensure that we’re able to fulfill our commitment to each family to improve their experience and reduce some of the pain and burden of breast cancer.

  1. $100 = Sponsor a Bedtime Story: We know that tucking a child in at night is one of the most sacred rituals of parenting, and that bedtime can be one of the most challenging times of day for families who have lost a parent to breast cancer. Your support of our bedtime story program helps us produce custom hardcover storybooks for children that tell a bedtime story about the parent they’ve lost to help preserve their memory and celebrate them in the ritual of bedtime. Your gift of $100 fully covers the cost of a bedtime story for one family.

  2. $300 = Give a Terminal Mom the Chance to Create a Video: Recording a video for your children before one dies sounds impossible. At Runway, we have created a space for such a project. No one knows a child like a parent, and when that parent accepts that treatment has done all that it can do, part of the final chapter of their lives can be pulling together the narratives that they want their children to remember. This program is not an easy one for anyone involved, yet at the same time, it can be cathartic, it can be powerful, and it can be treasured by the children for a lifetime. In order to do this work responsibly, we make sure to have a trained therapist on site with our pro-bono video crew to talk with the mom as she tells her story. Your donation covers the cost of that therapist. You will receive an annual report of the work that we do over the course of the year to record these videos and give the gift of living-on through a mom’s words. 
  3. $500 = Circle a Family: Our largest grants seek out and support families who have lost a primary caregiver to breast cancer by funding programs that reduce financial burden, empower the current caregivers to improve their social and emotional wellbeing, and that help protect and enhance the childhood experience for children. Your gift of $500 goes into restricted funds that are disbursed directly to the designated areas of need identified for that family during our grant application process. You will receive a general annual report about the fund disbursement for all the families in our program.

Thank you for becoming a part of the Runway family with your donation and support. Please recommend a family to Runway to apply for funding.