Meet the Models: Cheryl Cuddy

Cheryl Cuddy, Survivor since 2007


I am a 10 year Breast Cancer Survivor now!! And I am proud to be alive!!

It was a hard, long road, but I did it!!! 

I had my first mammogram 9/06 and it was the worst news ever after that.  I was told 10/13/06 the devastating news.  I did not know what to do?? I kept this secret to my self for a few weeks and it was awful.  I knew I had to tell my family so I finally did. And it all went so fast after that.  I was ready for my mastectomy within the next month.

I had a left mastectomy and tram reconstruction surgery all at the same time . A long 9 1/2 hour surgery!!! Ugh !!  I did it !!

Chemotherapy to follow every 2 weeks, sick as a dog and not eating , losing my hair, extremely tired, no energy!!  A long road to recovery!!! My friends and family helped me so much !! I had to make it, especially for my 2 children!! And I did .  I am here now, 10 years later !!! What a journey.  


  1. Deirdre Z on July 2, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    You are a warrior Cheryl! You live life to the fullest and you inspire others! Rock on my friend!