Why Black Lives Matters for Everyone.

Here at Runway we have been pausing, reflecting and listening. We know today is a day of amplifying those voices around us who, silenced for so long, deserve to be heard. We will continue to #saytheirnames: George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbrey and so many more. We will continue to do our part to ensure justice and equality extends to the black community who, for too long, has been ravaged by the systemic racism present in nearly every aspect of life. Time and time again the black community shows us what true grace is- from peaceful protests to unwavering patience in the face of hatred, danger and bigotry. Against and despite of ingrained and intentional racial systemic barriers, the black community continues to teach us what true humanity looks like.

Those systemic barriers are no more obvious than in our healthcare system, where black death rates surpass those of Americans overall for heart disease, cancer, diabetes and HIV. While white women and black women get breast cancer at the same rate, black women die from the disease at a 42% higher rate and are more likely to be diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer, which is aggressive and more likely to recur after treatment. At Runway, our mission remains steadfast in providing wrap around services for those affected by breast cancer. Those services include a commitment to improving these statistics by correcting and addressing implicit bias and continuing to reckon with this country’s own racist history because access to healthcare should not and cannot be a racial issue.

Today we step back to leave you with some of the voices in breast cancer who are addressing these issues daily, specifically:  @blkwomenshealth & @sistersnetwork . To our black Runway Show models, friends, colleagues, neighbors, and supporters across the country and world, Runway for Recovery stands with you today and everyday until liberty, justice and freedom are indeed, for all.

In October, we take to the Runway to walk together, but today we stand with you in the streets in solidarity and love.