Meet the Models: Stacy Lamson

Stacy Lamson, Walking in memory of her mother, Jean Lubrano (1998)

Lubrano sisters

I walked in 2012 with my sisters and we added “Runway” to the  extraordinary times of celebration of my Mom’s life and the things we do to remember her in big ways. It is August 1st as I write this and today our mother Jean passed away exactly 18 years ago. And though we have these big milestones and events that celebrate those we have lost and survivors we honor, I know, each of us, each day, remembers  in so many small ways too. For me It could be while making her oatmeal rolls, or when I smudge my mascara the way she always did, how she supported her friends or how she responded to each of us as individuals with the greatest love and care whenever she possible could. As with most people, those memories keep us as family connected in ways that we constantly treasure. At moments when you least expect, you’ll laugh and cry and cherish all these little reminders as the day passes. They hold us all up as we go about the chaos of everyday life supporting us almost as if she were really there. Even when we know full well its not quite the same, it is what we have. 17 years ago we decided the way we could also honor her would be to take care of each other. What better way to do than than to traipse into Dana Faber for our mammograms together. And every year since we have spent 24 hours together, aptly named “Boobs & Baubles”,  when we come together in one place, always for mammograms, always for dinner and an overnight, sometimes with our beautiful sister in law and sometimes even for shopping for baubles. Of course its not about what we ate or the hotel we found at just the right price. We sit in the waiting room all dressed in hospital gowns, waiting our turn and we know the reoccurring emphasis  is really about being there for one another, taking care of one another – just the way she did…just the way she taught us…just the way we remember.

   Middle daughter memories

   -Stacy Lubrano Lamson