Runway heads to New York City in February 2025

As you may have seen last week, Runway for Recovery is thrilled to announce that we are bringing The Runway Show to New York City!  After our successful growth to Southern California last year, NYC felt like the perfect third location as it is home to one of our longest serving champions. Our very own NYC-based Director of Programs Kathryn Phillips (pictured above),danced down the Runway in 2007 at our very first event as a “legacy” model in honor of her mother, Susan, who had passed away from metastatic breast cancer (MBC). Kathryn returned to the stage in 2010 as a patient herself, and dancing beside her was her daughter, Savannah, who was 3-years-old at the time. Together, they have modeled and been a part of countless Runway Shows in support and celebration of the community that has been created during our 17 year history.

These days, you can find Kathryn backstage with our models as the very last person that they hug or high-five before they step onto the Runway for the first time. Kathryn has an innate ability to connect with models and families with warmth and a deep commitment to improving their lives, wherever they are in their journey. Prior to serving as Director of Programs, Kathryn served on our volunteer committee of reviewers, reading Family Grant applications, and also served as a board member. Thanks to Kathryn’s local leadership, New York City feels like the natural next step in Runway’s continued expansion to new markets, and we can’t wait to keep you updated on this work. Our inaugural event will be held on February 27, 2025 and just last week our event committee of local volunteers held their first meeting, and are excited to help us bring Runway’s vision to life! 

Launching our work in NYC would not be possible without the support of our donors and supporters, and it means that a new community of families affected by breast cancer in New York and New Jersey will benefit from Runway’s services. Through our work, we seek to improve the lives of those who are currently affected by breast cancer by supporting their varied needs at critical times during their journey. This has profound impacts on the long-term overall health of the entire family. This work includes support services for survivors (Model Support Services) and grants to aid with the disease’ lasting financial impacts for bereaved families (Family Grants Program). We are committed to deepening our impact within New England and SoCal while scaling to New York City, and together with our supporters, we will continue to meet the rising demand for these support services and provide new families and children affected by breast cancer with life changing programs. NYC, we cannot wait to dance with you!