I have listened to hundreds of stories over the years and written even more blogs. They serve as a stark
reminder that the insidious nature of breast cancer means it plays no favorites‐ from ironwomen to
marathoners, teachers to nurses, and everything in between‐breast cancer is a reality that could hit any
of us at any moment. And yet, though the journeys may differ, every woman echoes the same
sentiments that has me feeling, after wrapping up this year’s New England model stories, like screaming
from the rooftops the messages they aim to get out into the community:

  1. Check your breasts. Whether you #feelitonthefirst or your significant other does, I don’t really
    care, but someone needs to be checking those breasts every month because to know your
    abnormal, you must first know your normal.
  2. Get your mammogram. I’ll repeat that‐ GET. YOUR. MAMMOGRAM. I know life gets busy and
    pushing it out seems easier than adjusting your day, but nearly 90% of the blogs I write contain
    the words “no family history.” Early detection can save your life, so make the appointment, keep
    the appointment and attend the appointment.
  3. If the day should come where you receive the life altering news, find your tribe. Find the people
    who let you laugh, cry, dance and everything in between.

The beauty of Runway is that we bring together all of those small tribes. There is no greater proof of that
than the night of The Runway Show. While it remains my greatest hope that one day Runway will be
obsolete‐ that a cure will be found‐ we remain committed to telling every single story until then because,
quite simply, every story matters.