Meet the Models: Meghan Morin

Meghan Morin, Survivor since 2015

Meghan Morin on runway

The first time I walked in the Runway show was less than a year ago, I have since had more scans and continue to be in remission. As more time passes, I feel more confident that I beat this disease and will continue to be a survivor.

It has been so special to be a part of the Runway community, meeting all the women and families last year filled me with so much hope and pride to be included and surrounded by such a strong force of support.

Since being diagnosed, my view on life has changed. I truly appreciate the time spent with friends and family as the most important thing in life. Those times and the memories created are the most treasured gifts we have. It also taught me how important it is to just show up for people, don’t make excuses for things and continue to put off or delay what is important to those around you. The presence and love of others is what keeps us all going.