Meet the Models, SoCal: Kathy Cover & Kali and Vivi Weissman

Two years ago Kathy Cover came down with COVID. Though relatively symptom free, she struggled with breathing after recovery, so much so that she had to go on oxygen. A follow up chest x-ray showed dark spots on her bone and ribs. The imaging prompted oncology to get involved and after a biopsy, Kathy received the shocking news that she had post-menopausal, hormone positive stage 4 breast cancer. It had metastasized to her bones and neck. With no family history of breast cancer, Kathy and her daughter Kali had little time to come to terms with the diagnosis, as only two days later, Kathy was receiving mapping for radiation treatment that began shortly after.

For Kathy, the diagnosis kicked off months of change. In order to be closer to treatment in Fresno, CA, she had to move from her home in the mountains. Kali would travel from LA every few weeks to help out, but everyday she was on the phone with insurance trying to navigate the financial burden a cancer diagnosis can bring. When further leg pain recently appeared, Kathy had to re-enter radiation and Kali notes, “she hasn’t been able to bounce back like she could before.” Kathy is quick to focus on the positive saying “the leg pain has subsided substantially, so that’s great.”

Kathy’s main motivation to fight is undoubtedly her family, particularly her granddaughter Vivi, who will join her on the runway: “I think my mom wants to convey she’s here, she’s brave and fighting everyday to stay with us.” It’s why Kathy, Kali and Vivi are excited to embrace the runway for all the celebratory energy it brings to an otherwise, typically sad topic. When just a short time ago Vivi said, “I think she should be around until I am at least 9 or 10,” Kathy and Kali laughed, but noted its little milestones like that that mean the most: “You can do this. You can fight. I am fighting everyday to be here to see my granddaughter grow up and make memories.”