Meet the Models, New England: JoAnne Loretti

JoAnne Loretti was familiar with breast cancer after her mother’s battle in 1993. Even so, when her annual mammogram resulted in a call back, she “didn’t think much of it.” The follow up imaging revealed three masses and immediately JoAnne thought, “please don’t let it be in my lymph nodes.” Her prayers were answered when a mastectomy removed all of the cancer and no chemo or radiation was necessary.

Though she had survivors guilt over not needing more treatment, her recovery from surgery was no easy experience. She credits her sister for getting her through: “my sister is my everything- she has a family of her own and she was my caretaker the entire time. She has always been there for me. She is superwoman.” Even more challenging was JoAnne’s beloved dog receiving a breast cancer diagnosis during the same period of time. Happily, both are doing well today.

Though extremely positive about her outcome, JoAnne notes how difficult the medications and their side effects can be. Chiefly, she experiences hot flashes and intense fatigue. She remains determined, however, to give back to a community who has been so good to her throughout her treatment and it’s why she is so excited to hit the runway in just a few short weeks.