Meet the Models, New England: Jennifer Brock

For Jennifer Brock, her breast cancer diagnosis has led to a more grateful life. While that might seem like an oxymoron, prior to diagnosis, “I absolutely had more of a glass half empty mentality.” Since having cancer, she finds she looks at the glass half full.

Her diagnosis was a result of a letter in the mail from the doctor saying she had missed her mammogram (due to COVID). She immediately scheduled it and assumed she would be fine because she had no substantial family history. The mammogram would save her life- it revealed a breast cancer diagnosis that resulted in a lumpectomy and radiation. Thankfully, she did not need chemo.

Jennifer Brock takes a selfie with her radiation team.

Throughout the entire experience, her sister Melissa proved angelic. When Jennifer found it too hard to break the news to her parents, Melissa took over. Despite living in the Midwest, Melissa was on the phone for every doctors appointment. When it was time for Jennifer’s surgery, Melissa came to stay with her and take care of her—including helping to pack up Jennifer’s entire home when she had to move after surgery. The support was crucial and Jennifer remains blown away by how her sister, and others, stepped up: “community is very very helpful. Reaching out and accepting help, even if you don’t think you need it is crucial.”

Indeed, to those newly diagnosed she is clear about one thing: “make sure you have a team.” Jennifer is particularly excited to join the team that is Runway saying, “being part of this organization does lift my spirits. It makes me feel like we are celebrating and honoring one another.”