Meet the Models, New England: Alison Sherman

Alison Sherman comes from a family impacted by breast cancer. She always thought it could possibly come for her one day. It was the shock of her life when she herself was diagnosed. After dealing with painful burst cysts in her left breast, a lump was later discovered, but thought to be another cyst. A mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy would reveal it to be stage 3 triple negative breast cancer. She was diagnosed, at age 35, just days before the global shutdown in March of 2020. 

Alison’s mother relocated from Florida to care for her for over two years during her chemotherapy with cold capping, radiation and a double mastectomy. Complications from reconstruction, meant Alison had to and will continue to have follow-up surgeries, making this process so much longer than she expected. 

Due to failed reconstruction and cold capping that wasn’t successful, Alison expressed what a hit her confidence had taken, particularly her hair loss: “I was known for my long, beautiful hair, so it was really hard for me.” Although her hair has grown back with a vengance, her confidence has not come back as easily.  

Throughout it all, Alison was most thankful for her mother’s support and of course, all of her family, friends and Powerhouse Gym Fam who have helped build back her strength in more ways than one. She is forever grateful to them. In addition, she feels so lucky to have become part of the the young women’s breast cancer support group at MGH. Together, they will take the runway in October. 

Alison hopes that despite all of the challenges of her diagnosis, walking the runway will spark back some confidence in herself and all the warriors joining in on this amazing event. She also notes that a cancer diagnosis during COVID meant she remained somewhat isolated from those in her life and she looks forward to this event to allow her to share her story with the world.