Meet the Models: Kim Molleur & Robyn Stewart

Kim Molleur is someone everybody turns to when in need. She’s the type who is truly there for her people and radiates a special energy – in addition to feeling the energy of other’s through her work as a Reiki instructor and a Nurse.

Kim and her friend / fellow Runway model, Robyn Stewart, met through their nurse practitioner who could sense that they each needed to talk to someone truly going through the same thing as them. We loved hearing Kim and Robyn bounce off each other and talk about their friendship together, the waves of cancer they rode together, and the moments of laughter they both found.

Kim was diagnosed in August of 2010; she was newly engaged “to a great guy I waited a long time to find.” She went in for a routine mammogram and everything came back clear. However, when she performed the all-important self-exam, Kim found a lump. She called her doctor immediately, went in, and within 3 days, all the biopsies were done and her diagnoses was confirmed.

Kim says “I was pissed. I didn’t have the time to deal with cancer. I had just joined a gym, I was planning a wedding, we were making down payments.” Being a nurse, Kim says that part of her brain turned on “I knew everything that was about to happen was going to suck.”

At this point, Kim actually turned to her mother-in-law for a favor. She recalls “[I said] you need to watch out for your son for me. I need him to be strong for me but I worry about him not being strong on the inside right now.”

When choosing where to complete her treatment, Kim ended up choosing Massachusetts General for a very personal reason. It was between MGH and Dana Farber, but Kim recalls that both her step-dad died of leukemia and her mother had lymphoma and were treated at Dana Farber. Kim “hated going there – the energy was so heavy. They do amazing things but I felt exhausted after I left.”

Kim also thought of her soon-to-be husband and says “MGH had a healing garden. My husband could go there [during treatment.]”

Robyn chimes in “that says a lot about her.”

At this point in her story, Kim still hasn’t tied the knot with her great guy yet. They had a trip to Key West planned so Kim suggested they elope and forget the big wedding. Her fiancé agreed.

“The poor bastard needs to learn how to say no to me!”

When they got home, married, they went to the hospital where Kim’s sister met them. This is where the news spilled they had eloped. Of course, everyone was thrilled Kim married her guy.

When asked about the theme of her own cancer journey, Kim simply states “live your life.”

When asked about the theme of her cancer journey with her friend, Robyn, they both state “find your tribe; find your people who get it and don’t let them go.”

Both sentiments are echoed in their stories as individual women who fought and survived this disease but also as a team who are unconditionally there for each other. We’re excited to welcome this dynamic duo to the Runway stage.