Meet the Models: Donna Brady, Robin Tamburrini & Linda Heney

Donna Brady, Robin Tamburrini and Linda Heney are closer than your average sisters. Together they have faced unimaginable grief. In 1979 their grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She would battle the disease for many years before succumbing in 1999. Similarly, their mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993 and passed away in 2012. As a result of the family history, the three sisters were diligent about self checks at an early age. It would turn out to be life saving for Linda, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013, one year after her mother’s death. She received a lumpectomy and radiation. Though a nine year survivor, Linda notes, “it scares me because both my grandmother and mother had the same pattern- clear of cancer for a number of years before the cancer returned and ultimately, they both lost their battle.”

The obvious genetic connection has bonded their family deeply: “we have an incredible support system in our family. We are very close, probably closer than normal.” Together they participate in breast cancer events and are passionate about advocating for early testing for breast cancer. Indeed, all three sisters note that annual checks have led to early intervention. Donna’s self exam revealed a lump that, though not cancerous, had to be removed. Robin, due to family history, has to receive MRI’s yearly and has had to advocate to insurance companies why the testing is essential. Together, the three sisters continue to encourage women to approach breast cancer with the “early and often” method of testing.

All three echo that breast cancer “is a family story.” Donna, Robin and Linda also happen to have daughters themselves and while they hope this particular family trait stops at their generation, they are proactive in ensuring their daughters and granddaughters begin mammograms and self checks at a young age.

Particularly poignant is the timing of their addition to the Runway family- 2022 marks ten years since their mother’s passing. The sisters look forward to honoring her legacy, that of their grandmother’s and the work they have done to advocate for access to breast cancer testing and knowledge for generations to come on the runway this fall.