Meet the Alumni Models: My Doan

My Doan
Survivor since 2010
First year walking: 2010

Favorite Quote: “Nothing is OK. So it’s OK” & “This too shall pass.” 

What’s getting her through this time: My saint of a husband! We’re both still working full-time while managing the TLC of our girls (soon to be 3 year old and 18 month old). Without his love, support, patience, and general calm, I would be a wreck! He continues to be my safety net and catches me whenever I feel like I’m falling [apart].

What she is most looking forward to about Runway: Most importantly, I look forward to seeing the family that R4R has built – it feels like a heartwarming reunion every year and I look forward to celebrating love and life with all the models and their families. Truly a magical night and I especially love feeling the warm embrace of everyone’s hugs. Counting down the days when we can all safely celebrate with one another again. 

Bonus! Favorite meme: