Meet the Alumni Models: Linda Phelan

Linda Phelan
survivor since: 2015
first year walking: 2016

What’s getting her through this time: Her wonderful husband and their big backyard that allows them to have their three children/spouses and grandchildren over for socially distanced gatherings. Still taking time to go to the gym and finding internal peace in the little things, like golf in the front yard and sitting on the porch with her husband. 

Favorite part of Runway: Last year when alumni models got to have their moment, but then be included in the audience so they could experience the magic and impact of the show- “I was sobbing. It was so bittersweet. It truly reframes the narrative of breast cancer.” 

Her advice to those trying to support anyone diagnosed: “Be honest and say ‘this sucks. Let’s get tea and get together. What can I do?’ because saying ‘it’s all going to be ok’ is the opposite of comforting”