Meet the Models: Lorraine Linehan

Lorraine Linehan, Survivor since 2011

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My story began May 16, 2011; ten days before my 47th birthday. Cancer was detected during an annual mammogram screening. In the days and weeks to follow I had one biopsy procedure that lead to another and yet another. The final result: three tumors in one breast and diagnosis of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma …. Yikes! Those three words rang in my mind over and over. The knot in my stomach tightened at the thought of having to share this information with my husband, son, siblings, family members and close friends. I vividly remember being very thankful that my parents weren’t alive to witness this illness that had been inflicted upon their daughter – the middle child of five. Unfortunately, both my parents passed from cancer – my mom at 42 and dad at 58. The steps and decisions to follow were difficult but guided me to a plan that I embraced and launched into immediately. I was up for the fight and convinced myself that this was one of those times that I had to stand up and brush myself off. I had to dig deep for the strength and faith that has never failed me. It Came . . .We fought . . . I Won. Cancer takes on many forms and breaks many hearts but collectively we are making strides in our efforts to minimize its impact on the ones we love. It is important that we continue to band together and fight (and fund) for that cure and show Cancer the door …… I am proud and honored to participate in the 2018 Runway for Recovery event and look forward to providing support and love to those in need. Lorraine Linehan 7 Year Survivor