Meet the Models: Kristin Achtmeyer

Kristin MacMillen Achtmeyer, Walking in memory of her mother, Candace Williams MacMillen Achtmeyer (2001)


I’m incredibly proud of my sister Olivia for starting Runway for Recovery 10 years ago. When our mother passed away after an 8-year battle with Breast Cancer we all tried to find a place where we could celebrate her life. Olivia founded Runway to do that and provide other families with support and the celebration they needed. It is an honor to walk with these women, many survivors and many walking for the same reason I do, to celebrate the life of a loved one. I had (and still do) an amazing support system when my mother passed away, and we also lived very close to the hospital where she was treated, but I know that the main reason why I walk is to allow other families who live farther away or might not have the same support system a chance to get closer and to seek help after loved ones end their battle. I am incredibly proud to hear about the families that are able to get hotel rooms closer to the hospital, counseling services during and after, support in funeral arrangements and so much more because of the money raised at Runway.

            When I first stepped on the runway 10 years ago I was nervous and emotional but hearing the support from the crowd made me so proud to be up there walking in memory of my mother. This year I know when I stand on the runway I will look out and see the amazing friends and family who have supported me through out the years and celebrate the life of our mother and so many more and cheer for all those who are fighting this cancer every day.