Meet the Models: Kerry Volke

Kerry Volke, Survivor since 2015


My name is Kerry Volke. I am a 2 year breast cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at the age of 32. At the time my two sons were three years old and eight months old. To say my life was turned upside down would be an understatement. I am very fortunate that I have an amazing family and group of close knit friends. Everyone rose to the occasion to help be battle this terrible disease. Besides being supported by family and friends I was also welcomed with open arms into the breast cancer sisterhood. I have made amazing friendships and am deeply rooted into many groups now that continue to encourage and support me through the aftermath of cancer.

My perspective on life has really changed since my diagnosis. I truly appreciate all of the relationships I have with family and friends. These are the most meaningful things in my life now! I’ve learned to not sweat the small stuff and to confidently move forward with the new me.

I am beyond excited to be participating in Runway for Recovery this year! I attended last year and was blown away by the event and the amazing community of people that support it. I am finally becoming comfortable with the new me after cancer and can’t wait to confidently walk the runway!