We come in when the "new normal" sets in.

Our family grants can help to redefine the experience of loss for families after a loved one has passed away.

"I am fairly certain that we as human beings are not meant to go through things alone."

Angelo Firenze

Family Grant Recipient

Family Grants.

Runway funds families who have lost a loved one to breast cancer in order to reduce financial and logistical burdens and bolster families with psychological, social, and financial support. Runway for Recovery is committed to being flexible with families in order to address their specific needs.

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Am I Eligible?

Let's Find Out.

You are eligible to apply for a Runway for Recovery grant if you are a U.S. resident and you are the immediate family member of someone who passed away from breast cancer and/or the caregiver for a child/children who lost a parent to breast cancer. Runway for Recovery prefers to fund families who live in the New England area but will review applications from families living anywhere.

We are thrilled to announce a special partnership with Dana Farber, and we are looking to fund patients at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Please be in touch with your social worker if your family is associated with Dana Farber and they will help you complete the application.


Who Do We Fund?

Let's Find Out.

The best candidates for funding from Runway for Recovery are individuals who can make a clear and direct connection between their current financial, emotional difficulties, and their experience with losing a loved one to breast cancer. If you are not sure whether or not you would be a good candidate for funding, please email your specific questions to Runwayforrecovery.grants@gmail.com and we would be happy to give you feedback about whether it is appropriate for you to apply. If you have limited internet access, you may call our office at 617-710-2172.

Good candidates for a Runway for Recovery grant fit most of all of the below criteria:

  • Live in New England
  • Have immediate financial needs related to support services for caregiver/children that are not being covered
  • Are not able to get financial assistance from any other source
  • Are struggling financially as a result of their family experience with cancer (e.g., lost wages, high medical bills, etc.) or its aftermath (e.g., limited ability to work)
  • Are limited in their employment options after the family’s experience with breast cancer
  • Are not sure where to turn and are looking for a starting point for familial support

What Do We Fund?

Let's Find Out.

  • Summer camp fees & travel to/from camp ($3,000)
  • Childcare services (daycare, babysitting services) (variable)
  • Counseling Services for the caregiver/children ($5,000)
    • Playgroup therapy sessions for kids
    • Support Groups for Adults
  • Tutoring/other academic support for children ($2,000)
  • Extracurricular activities for children (i.e. sports teams, leagues, clubs, classes, memberships, etc.) ($1,500)
  • Alternative Healing & Wellness Classes (acupuncture, yoga, meditation classes) ($1,200)
  • Books, supplies for academic work ($500)
  • Continuing Ed or Vocational Training for caregiver ($3,000)
  • Continuing School Tuition (variable)
  • Gym memberships ($1,000)
  • Unmet/residual Medical bills (variable)
  • Financial Advisor ($500)
  • House cleaners or professional organizer (one time or regularly) ($1,500)
  • Meal Support ($1,500)
  • Other (Runway for Recovery understands that there may be large areas of need we have not identified in this list and very much invite applicants to suggest other areas)

Please note that Runway for Recovery will award grants to recipients but will pay the third parties for the services directly.

For those families who qualify, we try to turn around applications and funding in 3-4 weeks.

Leaving a Legacy of Love.

Sometimes as a women's journey fighting breast cancer nears the end she will have thoughts of leaving a legacy of love for her children. We are committed to helping these women share their words of love by creating videos that their children can watch when they are gone.   Learn More

These videos are important and cathartic in the moment for the mothers, but for the children they are treasured for a      life time. 

We need your help

The Runway community has been fortunate enough to meet over 850 men, women, and children who have been affected by breast cancer. All the funds, over $3.1M since our founding, goes to wrap-around services for families facing the unimaginable during and after a breast cancer diagnosis.

We want nothing more than to continue changing the lives of those affected by this disease in big ways and small. This is where you come in! Any donation truly helps and we are extremely grateful.

You may donate online by clicking the button below or sending a check to:
Runway for Recovery
29 Water Street, Suite 216
Newburyport, MA 01950