We are all in this together.

Whether you have lost a loved one to breast cancer or are dealing with your own diagnosis, there are many resources available to help. We encourage you to look through the resources on this page to find a guide to helping kids cope with breast cancer, a list of our partners, self-exam guides, online groups, in-person summer camps, and grief centers dedicated to reminding you that we are all in this together.

A Guide for Moms and Their Warrior Families.

Helping Kids Cope with Mom's Breast Cancer, Emily McClatchey

Runway for Recovery is pleased to present this indispensable guide for moms and their warrior families. In her straightforward, friendly prose, fellow survivor, mom, and child psychologist Emily McClatchey explores ways to activate your child's resilience in the face of a breast cancer diagnosis, while helping yourself along the way.

At Runway for Recovery we believe we are stronger together. We look to our partners to help us provide the most comprehensive care that we can for our families.

Tips & Facts.

Many signs of breast cancer are invisible and cannot be detected without the help of a professional however, knowing the signs and doing monthly self-exams can lead to early detection.

How to Give a Self Exam.

Self Exam Quick Guide.

Know the Symptoms.

Did You Know?

Breast Cancer Research & Discussion

Worldwide researchers continue to make advancements to find better ways to prevent, detect, and treat breast cancer. In this video, Olivia speaks with experts and discusses, in detail, the strides that have been made and some of the developments we can expect in the future.

Wellness & Nutrition

Wellness and nutrition go a long way when it comes to prevention and post-chemo life. We recently zoomed with one of our own Runway Models, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Kathryn Lorusso, for a conversation to discuss the importance of being more mindful about nutrition. She offers approachable steps you can take to transition to nutritional wellness. You can contact her directly or find out more about her Nutrition work on her website.

Kathryn Lorusson


"It amazing when you say YES to something, where that can lead"

Lynne Cao & My Doan


Sisters with different circumstances both using the resources at Runway for Recovery as part of their recovery. 

Bereavement Resources for Grieving Families.


Summer Camps for Grieving Kids

For boys and girls who have experienced the death of a parent a summer camp where they can feel “normal” because everyone is going through the same thing can be such a gift. This is a list of summer programs where grieving children can laugh, cry, and play while remembering their loved ones.


Supporting Students Coping With Grief

This guidebook provides research, expert-driven information, and tips on how grief affects children and young adults and how education professionals can help them navigate their feelings and remain successful in school.

Bereavement Centers Nationwide

Nationwide, there are bereavement centers that will support emotional, practical, and social needs following the loss of a loved one. These organizations provide a safe place for grieving families to learn that they are not alone and get the help they need.


National Bereavement Resource Guide

National Bereavement Resource Guide Sponsored by New York Life and The Moyer Foundation. Wherever children and their families are grieving, and wherever they are in the grieving process, this guide can help.


Phyllis Silverman, Ph.D.

Bereavement researcher, the late Phyllis Silverman, Ph.D.,  was a founding board member of The Children’s Room. Through her work, she described bereavement as a process that shapes life and never really ends. Many of her articles can be found in Psychology Today's Blog entitled "Raising Grieving Children."