Meet the Models: Ellie Clayton & Grace Dwyer

Clayton & DwyerEllie Clayton & Grace Dwyer, walking in memory of their grandmother, Jean Lubrano (1998)


Ellie Clayton & Grace Dwyer are two members of the Dwyer-Clayton-Lubrano-Robinson family that have been with Runway since 2010. They all walk to honor their mother/grandmother, Jean Lubrano (1998) and they have brought such an incredible legacy of love to the runway. Grace says,

“Being a part of runway for the last couple of years has meant so much to me. My first year attending was in 2014 and my first year walking was in 2015. I have loved being able to remember my grandmother, Jean Lubrano, in such an amazing way. I am so inspired by all of the amazing women that are a part of Runway. I cannot wait to be a part of the 10th anniversary and be able to walk with my mother, sister, cousin, and aunts.”