Meet the Models: Elizabeth Silverman

Elizabeth Silverman, Survivor since 2013


We can’t choose what happens to us, but we can chose how we will react to it.”  Those were the words I told my kids when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer.  And we have taken them to heart by using this ordeal as a reason to find more joy (have more dance parties, skip school once in a while, watch more sunsets) and to help others who who come behind us on the breast cancer path. 

Runway has been such a special part of this commitment.  It has given us a community of survivors and their children who are similarly stronger, and more stylish, because of their breast cancer experience.  Runway is the best club that Charlotte and I never imagined we would want to join!  For Charlotte and the other girls who walk in honor of their moms, breast cancer becomes hopeful, strong and proud.  And it gives these girls a meaningful opportunity to help other children whose families are experiencing the traumas they to have similarly survived at home.  Charlotte and I could not be more proud or more grateful to be walking the Runway together again this year!