Chief of Community

Hello Runway Models!

For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Kristina Coccoluto and I am a fellow model.  This year I am honored to be your Chief of Community as well.  Together we are going to show our audience just how strong, powerful and successful we are collectively! I look forward to connecting with each of you to help you on your journey to the stage and beyond. 

The Runway Team has lots of exciting and empowering changes happening for our community! Our alumni models have spoken and they want more ways to connect beyond just the fashion show! I encourage you to send me your ideas. 

So a bit about my Runway story, my family was introduced to Runway for Recovery in 2016. I took the stage with my mom, Kim Bramante and my sister, Vanessa Bramante. This happened to be the year we celebrated my mom becoming a 20 year survivor and also the year I took my health in my own hands.  I’m BRCA1+ and reduced my risk for breast cancer in January of 2016 by having a preventative bilateral mastectomy. Days before taking the stage, my mom was re-diagnosed for the second time. I was also 28 weeks pregnant. We went into the night not knowing what to expect and feeling like it would be a bittersweet event. The word on the street was  this event is uplifting, but we couldn’t help but wonder how could the ugliest thing we have endured unite all these people for “the best night ever”? And once we got to rehearsal, Olivia’s family was busting moves, encouraging us to have fun and let loose.  The nervous energy melted away and we just had to come back year after year. 

THIS IS THE MOST MAGICAL NIGHT! I could go on and on, but most of you would get bored. I digress… on October 25th you are going to feel like you have more swag than Beyonce. You are going to have 600 people who are genuinely moved to their core because of you and your story. Am I right Alumni Models? 

Alumni models, we want to hear YOUR story. You are powerful. Your story is inspiring, and your friends want to support you!

For twelve years, Runway for Recovery has witnessed our models move audiences to generously give back to children who have lost their mom to breast cancer. Now we want to inspire your networks with your powerful story.  You will be surprised to see just how many people support you beyond those who attend the show!  

YOUR STORY WILL MOVE MOUNTAINS. And I am so happy to be here in official capacity to help you with your story and your participation in the organization.

With lots of love and excitement,
Kristina Coccoluto
Chief of Community
Runway for Recovery