Meet the Models: Caitlin MacMillen

Caitlin MacMillen, Walking in memory of her aunt, Candace Williams MacMillen Achtmeyer (2001)


Why I walk: THE VILLAGE. It all starts when a small group of inspired people brainstorm the event each year, then the community pitches in with auction items, with clothes & makeup for models to wear, they throw in beverages and food for people to consume, and by the time the stage is lit up, our community becomes ALIVE. We are there to celebrate and honor those among us affected by breast cancer, and to provide a support system that night, then, moving forward, and for future families through Dr. Urban’s program. This event strengthens my belief in the power of community & one’s village, and how important we all are to one another, and how one little smile, a supportive hug, an offer of a medical connection, or even a knowing glance can change the course of life. 

Of course, I also walk for my OWN VILLAGE. My aunt Cande, the backbone to our family clan, passed away after a long fought battle, and her daughters are like my own sisters. I would do anything for her, for them, and in turn for me. This disease frightens me, but I know the village, the tribe, will always be there to support, to counsel, to seek solutions, no matter who or what is on the battlefield.