Meet the Alumni Models: Laura Carfang

By Caroline O'Donnell | April 28, 2020

Laura Carfang
Survivor since 2017
First year walking: 2019

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Meet the Models: Kelly Cassier

By Caroline O'Donnell | April 27, 2020

Kelly Cassier is no stranger to medical isolation. She technically has been in some form of quarantine since 2017, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer and began treatment. Her diagnosis was not a total surprise, as Kelly’s mother, sister, aunt and cousin are all breast cancer survivors. Kelly was only 20 years old when her mother received her diagnosis and at the time, genetic testing was of little prominence.

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Meet the Alumni Models: Alyssa Bozian

By Caroline O'Donnell | April 23, 2020

Meet Alyssa Bozian

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Meet the Models: Stacey Fusco

By Caroline O'Donnell | April 18, 2020

To know Stacey Fusco is to know Mildred Ellen. The two were by each others side for nearly all of winter/spring 2018. After Stacey noticed a lump under her arm the size of a marble in October of 2018, she received news from her doctor that she had early stage breast cancer.

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Meet the Models: Robyn Stewart

By Caroline O'Donnell | April 8, 2020

“We do cancer well” Robyn Stewart says softly. It’s a poignant and well earned statement: Robyn is a three time cancer survivor and in the same breath classifies herself a warrior since 2006. It was in 2006 that Robyn received her first diagnosis of breast cancer at the age of 33.

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