Meet the Alumni Models: Kristin Ferarri

By Caroline O'Donnell | August 19, 2020

Kristin Ferrari
Survivor since 2012
First year walking: 2016

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Post-Surgery Recovery Tips Models Wish They Had Known

By Alex Hanken | August 3, 2020

To better understand the post-surgery recovery experience, we turned to two of our longtime Runway “models” to ask what products, tips, or advice they had to share.

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Meet the Alumni Models: Patrice Shelton

By Caroline O'Donnell | July 7, 2020

Patrice Shelton Survivor since 2016First year walking: 2019 What is getting you through this time right now? I am blessed to have a large network of close family and friends; we all continue to check in with each other pretty frequently.  Although we aren’t able to connect in person, it is so helpful to continue to have simple, everyday conversations.  I’ve also been stepping up my physical activity – which is so important not just for my physical well-being, but emotionally as well. A favorite quote?  “Start each day with a grateful heart”  This is my favorite quote because I feel…

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6 ways to be a good friend to someone with breast cancer at any stage

By Alex Hanken | June 11, 2020

While many people going through a major life challenge like a breast cancer diagnosis turn toward friends and family for support, being a good friend to someone going through treatment can be a challenging role to navigate. There are also those who will receive a terminal diagnosis, and their experience along with that of their friends can be quite difficult to navigate. We turned to one of Runway’s trusted social workers, Karen, to get her thoughts on how to anticipate some of the challenges and identify the most helpful ways to “show up” for someone that you love.

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Meet the Alumni Models: Jocelyn Lee

By Caroline O'Donnell | June 10, 2020

As a Zumba instructor, Jocelyn Godwin is well adjusted to performing in front of people. Nevertheless, she was terrified to strut down the runway at the Runway Show 2019: “I was scared sh**less” she laughingly exclaims. Today she is so grateful she worked up the courage, calling the event humbling, purposeful and up-lifting. In the end, she felt immeasurable honor to be apart of something so special and to inspire others to give to this cause.

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