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Days until The Runway Show in Boston


Meet Jeannie

By Pippa White | May 9, 2019

No one in my family had breast cancer and I wasn’t checking myself regularly. I didn’t really know how to check myself. One night I was in bed and I rolled over and felt some pressure near my heart. I found a lump. It was big, and I said to myself–oh my god, how did I not feel this? I went to Stuart Medical Group and I did the biopsy at Norwood Hospital. In my heart, I knew that I had breast cancer. I knew. When I went into the room to get the biopsy everyone’s faces were so down…

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The Re-Imagined Blog

By Tory Bois | May 3, 2019

Hi there! Welcome to Behind the Curtain – The Runway for Recovery Blog. 2019 has been a big year for Runway – we’ve spent the last few months reimagining everything that our organization does and stands for, in hopes of improving and maximizing the impact we can have on our community.

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Re-Imagining Runway for Recovery

By Runway for Recovery | March 1, 2019

For over a decade, I’ve found myself starting a statement with the phrase, “well if I ran Runway full-time…,” referring to plans and ideas that were aspirational for an organization that I began when I was 25-years-old as a “soul project.”

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Penny Howell

By Dewey MacMillen | August 6, 2018

Penny Howell, a Survivor since 2012 My name is Kathleen “Penny” Howell.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July 2012, underwent surgery and 32 radiation treatments, and have been in remission for 6 years.  I was very fortunate that it was caught in its early stages before it spread.  I am so thankful for the radiologist that didn’t like the look of the lump and talked me into having a biopsy to be better safe than sorry.  Never once did I believe it would be cancer, but when that phone call came much sooner than I expected, I knew…

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Kelly Benson

By Dewey MacMillen | July 30, 2018

Kelly Benson, currently in treatment Breast cancer. Not me – it’s not in my family. Everything changed on 1/28/18 when I found “the lump” in my armpit. On 2/2/18, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I’m a mom of twin boys who are now 8. I work full time. This wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did. But now,  I’m cancer free. I had a mastectomy and 14 lymph nodes removed on 3/2/18. The surgery was a success! I was ready to start chemotherapy 2 weeks later, then got the best news of this journey – I didn’t need chemo!…

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