Meet the Models: Beth Dwyer

Beth Dwyer, Walking in memory of her mother, Jean Lubrano (1998)


I am one of 4 sister, Lubrano sisters….and a lone brother (who we would love to rangle to model one year). My  sister, Stacey introduced us to R4R when it was still happening in Concord.  This was our first modeling gig. We fell in love with the joy of the event immediately and have walked the runway twice. Our Mother, Jean Hambleton Lubrano, passed away in 98′ after a 20 year battle with the beast we know as Breast Cancer.  Mom was so brave and she left us with the most incredible memories.  Those memories and her strength have seen us all through some tough times. We just kept on saying “mom would love that” or something like that.

 Two years ago my two daughters, Grace Dwyer and Meaghan Cervini Tompkins came to the evening with us.  We had a blast, as always and the girls vowed to model one year.  Last year Grace and my niece, Ellie Clayton, modeled.  Meaghan had just had her baby so was busy busy at home.   However, this year Meaghan will join the “extended Lubrano clan” and model in R4R 2016….there will be 7 of us up there.

Participating in R4R allows us to celebrate our mother while helping those families who are battling the beast with their Mom/Wife/sister ect…   The event also allows us to celebrate our “sisterhood” with each other.  The four of us and our daughters/nieces are all very very close.  These women are my best friends in the world.  I cherish every moment we share together.

People complain about growing old…to be honest my late 50’s have been some of the best for me physically and emotionally.  Never in a million years would I have imagined myself walking a fashion show runway….being able to do so with my sisters and daughters has given me the courage and confidence in myself…feeling more secure in myself 🙂