Meet the Models: Anne Mills

Anne Mills, Survivor since 2006

2016 is my 10 year anniversary post breast cancer diagnosis. During discovery and treatment I truly did not think I would have another 10 years. What a gift these 10 years have been. In 2008 I moved to the Northshore from upstate NY to be nearer my 3 married adult children. In 2008 I also participated in a workshop through my yoga studio that asked me to go deep into my heart to identify what was holding me back from enjoying my life as it was post cancer.  I discovered many things about myself but one of them was that I needed to get rid of the guilt I had that somehow I caused my own cancer to appear. I was filled with negative energy about myself and my situation.

Since then I have tried to embraced every day as a new adventure. I have been alive to welcome 5 new grandchildren, to start a new life in a new community, to start a new job and to not be afraid of what’s around the corner. Participating in Runway twice was a profound opportunity to celebrate my life with my family around me to cheer me on. It was also an emotional time to share the event with others who have had breast cancer or lost someone to breast cancer. Runway helped me to heal. 

So I do truly look forward to celebrating Runways’ 10th anniversary in October. I look forward to seeing women and men who truly “model” the positive that can come after a cancer diagnosis or a lose of a loved one.