Meet the Models: Amy Field

Amy Field, Survivor first diagnosed in 2009


Runway has provided me…”us” – with a platform to share our stories in a safe, empowering, and beautiful way. Runway for Recovery exemplifies, in such a unique way, the strength of women, motherhood, friendship, and community. My life was, my children’s lives, we’re touched Thursday night in a way I could have never imagined. In a healing way. Seeing so many friends, old and new, cheering, walking… dancing… all supporting each other… all with love. I have received so many (unexpected) emails after Thursday night… so heart warming and encouraging. The community of R4R that you have built, provides me a sense of peace, knowing my children have so many amazing role models to look up to – and such a vast support system, they will never really be alone, and neither will I. Thank you all, for inspiring me in one way or another, and for all the good laughs we shared..