Meet the Models: Linda Phelan

Linda Phelan, a survivor since 2015.


Linda’s 2017 Story:

I am walking this year for the second time. As a two-year survivor I am very excited to share the runway with my two beautiful daughters.  The memories of the love and companionship during my battle are something I will always treasure.  I am lucky to have them in my life and I can’t wait to dance and laugh down the runway with them in October!

Stephanie and Meagan (Linda’s daughters): 

“We are walking this year in support of our amazing mother who defeated cancer and never lost her positive attitude throughout the entire process.  We hope that the strength she showed is hereditary because then we would be set for life!”

 Linda’s 2016 Story:

I am so blessed.  I have a big loving family who took care of me during my 9-month battle with cancer. From my husband to my children, siblings, parents and in-laws, I’ve never been alone with my fight. Furthermore, as a trainer at Lexington’s Get In Shape For Women, I’m surrounded and supported by hundreds of women on a weekly basis. The community at the studio is extraordinary, so loving and generous. And because I have access to so many women, I’ve made it my mission to de-mystify cancer and educate women on the importance of preventative screenings, early detection and, of course, fitness. If I can encourage just a few women to get their mammograms or help one person better understand how to support their newly diagnosed sister, then I feel that I have given back, even just a little.

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  1. Caryl Dlugy on October 21, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    All of us at Get In Shape For Women in Lexington are so proud of you, Linda. Your humor, strength and unflinching positive attitude are an inspiration to everyone. It is an honor to have been invited to be in the crowd cheering you on as you walk down the runway!