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We create a stage for heroes

Runway redefines the experience of breast cancer for families in three ways.


After twelve Boston area events, the Runway community has grown to include hundreds of former Runway "models," a spirited tribe of supporters, and a growing cohort of beneficiaries who have received funding from Runway. Part of Runway's mission is to provide opportunities for connection, shared experience, and healing within this community. To serve as a platform for those affected by breast cancer to find hope, support, and a tribe, ready and willing to offer a hand. We do this by offering options for connection both virtually and in person throughout the year.


Each year, we invite our community to nominate models who have been affected by breast cancer to dance down our Runway in a celebration of life. The event, held annually in October, attracts hundreds of people to cheer on our models. Local and national boutiques, hair and makeup artists, volunteers, and past models collaborate to pamper models for their trip down the Runway, demonstrating their strength and persistence. The event is the cornerstone of the Runway mission to celebrate families, survivors, and warriors undergoing treatment.


The fundraising we do through the event and auction, and the generous contributions of our community not only cover our nonprofit operations and programs, but allow us to deploy funding toward families who have lost their mother to breast cancer. With careful stewardship, Runway bolsters these families with a combination of financial support and wraparound services from counseling to academic support. The needs of each family differ immensely, and so does the support they receive from Runway.

Our History

Six years after losing my mother to a decade-long fight against breast cancer, I resolved to find an aspect of the disease where I could honor my mother’s memory and make a difference for other families fighting their own battles with breast cancer. For twelve years, brave survivors and those walking in memory or celebration have become models at the Runway fashion show. They have raised funds to help children who have lost their mothers to the disease, and have provided opportunities for caregivers. As survivors, the models epitomize heroism and strength. They carry with them the spirits of all those who have lost their battle with breast cancer, and the families and communities that stood by them.

Over the years, the proceeds from the fashion show, silent auction, and sponsorships of this annual event have primarily benefited the Tufts Cancer Center Candace MacMillen Achtmeyer Fund and The Massachusetts General Hospital Patient and Caregiver Fund, under the direction of Dr. Jack Erban. These unique funds have addressed many of the financial, logistical, and emotional burdens associated with caring for a loved one with breast cancer, including grief counseling, lodging near hospitals, and other vital comforts for both families of patients and those who provide care.

As Runway moves into the next decade of its existence, it will continue to work with Boston hospitals along with a variety of other organizations to make sure that we are supporting the families most in need of our assistance after losing a parent to breast cancer.

-Olivia Achtmeyer Boger
Founder, Executive Director of Runway

Olivia Achtmeyer Boger

Our Mission

Runway honors and supports families affected by breast cancer and dedicates resources to support children who have lost caregivers to the disease.

Runway directs vital funds to children who are affected by breast cancer to lessen the burden and obstacles of losing a caregiver to the disease. We foster a sense of community within the families, children, and survivors that we work with to inspire joy in the midst of a seemingly hopeless time.

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Why We Walk

"I walk for the first person to ever love me, and teach me about love—my tough, smart, outspoken, and brave mother, Peggy Underwood." Darren Allen, walking in memory of his mother, Peggy Underwood (2012)

Darren Allen

"I walk for the first person to ever love me, and teach me about love—my tough, smart, outspoken, and brave mother."

Walking in memory of his mother, Peggy Underwood (2012)


Rachael Asselin, walking in memory of her mother, Rylin Ann Malone (1993)

Rachael Asselin

"I’m walking because we have all been touched by incredible women in our lives.  Women who have given us strength we didn’t know we had, showed us the way when we couldn’t see, and taught us what it means to love unconditionally."

Walking in memory of her mother, Rylin Ann Malone (1993)

Jenna Auber, a survivor since 2013

Jenna Auber

"I walk in the hope that someday, no one will have to utter the words "I lost my Mom (wife, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin) to Breast Cancer.”

A survivor since 2013

Meet Our Volunteers


Learn more about our full-time Volunteers

Tory Bois, Tysie Webber, Caroline Dabney, Madeline Demoulas, Caroline O’Donnell, Dewey MacMillen, Alex Hanken, Ayres Heller, Meggie Patterson, Ashley Cohane, Holly Foster

We need your help

The Runway community has been fortunate enough to meet over 250 men, women, and children who have been affected by breast cancer. All the funds, over $900K since our founding, goes to wrap-around services for families after losing a parent to breast cancer. We join them to celebrate life, love, and their strength. We are lucky to be a part of it all.

We want nothing more than to continue changing the lives of those affected by this disease in big ways and small. This is where you come in! Any donation truly helps and we are extremely grateful.

You may donate online by clicking the button below or sending a check to:
Runway for Recovery
14 Inn Street
Newburyport, MA 01950