There are 59 models this year -- imagine the difference we could have in the life of a family who has has a parent die of breast cancer if we each raised $500, $1000, maybe even $5000 each. Even more incredible would be to see how many friends you could encourage to watch live on October 28th.

As Runway's Chief of Community (and  a PROUD Alumni Model), I have been working with Olivia on compiling some of our best fundraising tips to help YOU reach YOUR goal.

As always, feel free to reach out to me with any questions or feedback. Do you have additional fundraising tips? I would love to hear them!

With gratitude,
Kristina Coccoluto
Chief of Community

Runway Tip #2

Forward our newsletter from yesterday to friends and family and include an introduction about what this month means to you. You can also share our Instagram Live video from last night. 

Kristina's Recs

If you missed last night's Instagram Live, you can watch it on the Runway Instagram account. During the discussion, Olivia & Kathryn Phillips (an alumni model) shared what October means to them. We also just sent out a newsletter yesterday that covered a lot of various things that are happening in the R4R community. Both of those items, the post and the newsletter, can be easily shared and then you can talk about what the month means to you. 


My post will look something like this: 


It's officially October. And while we might all be aware of breast cancer by now, this October, I'm hoping together we can give back to local families impacted by this disease. I have had many encounters with breast cancer throughout my life -- as a daughter of a survivor, a previvor myself, and the niece of a woman who died. I have had to understand how I can make a difference in my life, and how I can feel like I am taking control of a disease that takes so much away. And I have found Runway. Here is a picture of a throwback to the Bramante squad at last year's show! This is one strong and supportive family. Here is my fundraising link. Thank you for helping me make a difference today during the month of October." (LINK HERE)

Runway Tip #1

If you haven’t done so already, and you are a new model, share your R4R introduction Instagram/Facebook post or a picture. For alumni models, share a picture of you from previous Runways and then link to your fundraising page in your bio on Instagram or directly in your post on FB. 

Kristina's Recs

If you are new to Runway, it's great to introduce your audience to what you pre-taped for October 28th. I recommend you say something real about how you feel about being broadcast in a live event.


“Many of you know my journey with Breast Cancer. This year I am celebrating it in a new way that I've heard will take one of my greatest obstacles and turn it into a night of empowerment. This October 28th, I shared a dancing video for a Virtual Event in hopes to inspire the audience to give back to children who have lost their moms to breast cancer while also sharing my story. This cause is near and dear to me. By giving to Runway for Recovery, you are directly helping me on my mission! Thank you for helping me make a difference in our community! (LINK HERE)”


If you are an Alumni Model, here is something I have had success with in the past:


“Many of you have seen me post year after year how much hope Runway for Recovery has provided for my family. We look forward to celebrating our story by dancing down the runway every October. This year, while the Runway may look different, we are determined to include as many people as possible in our viewing audience. We are also committed to supporting as many families as we can with our funding. By donating to Runway today you are helping me on my mission to swarm children with financial resources after they have lost their mom to breast cancer. Thanks for helping me make a difference today (LINK HERE)!”