Cheryl Cuddy

June 9, 2017

Cheryl Cuddy, Survivor since 2007 I am a 10 year Breast Cancer Survivor now!! And I am proud to be alive!! It was a hard, long road, but I did it!!!  I had my first mammogram 9/06 and it was the worst news ever after that.  I was told 10/13/06 the devastating news.  I did not know what to do?? I kept this secret to my self for a few weeks and it was awful.  I knew I had to tell my family so I finally did. And it all went so fast after that.  I was ready for my…

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Melissa Morrison

June 6, 2017

Melissa Morrison, Survivor since 2015   In February of 2014 my world was turned upside down. On February 21, 2014 to be exact, my daughter’s 8th birthday.   Prior to that day, my days were filled with teaching second grade, running around to various sports and activities with my two children and adjusting to being a single mother. I was 39; my son Jake was 9 and my daughter soon to be 8.   “What’s the hell is that?” I said aloud as I was hopping in the shower one night. “That” was a lump on my left breast that…

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Kristen Collins

May 30, 2017

Kristen Collins, Survivor since 2016.  At 33 I married the love of my life… By 38 we had a beautiful house and beautiful, healty, amazing twins! Life was incredible & became even more amazing when I found out I was pregnant again… Right after turning 40, I had my son. My twins were 22 months, my son almost 3 months & I was off to my ‘follow up’ exam…   My Ob/Gyn did a follow up/annual exam which included a breast exam. He found ‘something’, but I didn’t think much of it since my breasts were ‘returning to normal’ after…

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Rebecca Melendez

May 24, 2017

Rebecca Melendez, walking in memory of her mother, Linda Matecki Campbell (2010.)  I will be walking the runway in memory of my mother, Linda M. (Matecki) Campbell. My mother passed away from metastatic breast cancer on January 19, 2010. She was originally diagnosed with breast cancer back in January, 2004, and enjoyed several years seemingly cancer free until it was discovered in July, 2009 that the cancer had returned and spread primarily to her liver. I had not even heard of BRCA until after she passed away, and decided to get tested for the genetic mutation in 2013 and I…

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Frannie McBrian

October 27, 2016

Frannie McBrian, Walking in celebration of her mother, Betsy Hetzler  Frannie’s story: Frannie McBrian first walked in Runway for Recovery as a 17-year old. She walked for her mother, Betsy Hetzler, and Betsy’s mother, Frannie’s grandmother and namesake, Sarah “Sally,” and the brave battle the two women went through. Luckily, Betsy will be walking again this year as a survivor, but both will be walking in remembrance of Sally who sadly lost her life to breast cancer. Fast forward nine years and Frannie, 26, is walking, again in the 10th year of Runway for Recovery. This time, it will still…

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